Meet the Team


Daniel and Marcus, the Founders of Luxdon, have been friends for 25 years and have over 15 years combined experience in the industry, they co-founded Luxdon in 2013 and have built an impressive portfolio of projects working together.

Marcus has worked in the property industry since 2005, initially assisting high-end developers  to source unique projects in prime central London and later carrying out his own projects in south west London. Marcus focuses on the acquisition of Luxdon’s projects, its environmental impact and also its social responsibility.

In addition Marcus is a qualified teacher and set up The Dreike Scholarship Fund charity in 2008 -you can read more about this on our ‘charity’ page.

Daniel has worked in the property industry since 2013, has a BA in Business and Finance and ran his family’s luxury retail business in the West end of London for over 10 years. He brings the expertise he learnt from luxury retail to the property development world and for Luxdon focuses on design, trend analysis, project management and finances.

Daniel has also supported the Dreike Scholarship Fund from its inception and feels very proud that our company donates a proportion of its profits each year.

Both Marcus and Daniel have project managed Luxdon’s previous projects from start to finish and are knowledgeable in all aspects of the trade; both know how to wire a house, plaster a wall and solder a pipe however this is something they now leave to the professionals under their watchful eye. Their hands-on approach has taught them the value of excellent workmanship and allowed them to create properties of exceptional quality.

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